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House Sitting

An empty house without permanent care loses value and harms its own general well being. That is why we created and provide a personalized House Sitting service that guarantees focus on solutions.

Projects & Technical Consulting

Project management is one of the services that House Living provides to private and corporate clients, for residential or commercial spaces, and that focuses fundamentally on the operationalization of solutions planned for a particular outcome.

Lease Management

We value the profitability of your property and help make the process more profitable. You can count on an experienced manager dedicated to your home and who will be the first response contact with the tenant, the condominium and others.


A premium home care service cannot be complete without decoration projects. Therefore, House Living has at your disposal a team sensitive to the details that are important to you and able to create environments that enhance the value of your property, whether to reside, to spend vacations or to monetize (rent or promote the sale).

Refurbishment & Construction

The investment in construction or remodeling of a house or commercial space is much more than an operationalized architectural project. It is emotion, time and dedication from all parties involved. It starts with an idea from the client and ends in a solution influenced by several factors.

Home Staging

Through Home Staging we try to create positive reasons for the client to remember the house, which is, therefore, a marketing strategy that enhances and speeds up the process of selling or renting a property, usually for a better value.

Construction Management & Inspection

We provide a technical team with extensive experience in this area of action and that has focused its entire professional career in the construction site context, assuming the most varied responsibilities, which allows the necessary attention to detail.

Other services

  • Contracting of energy, communication and security services
  • Cleaning and gardening services
  • Fiscal representation service

"It has been great working with you for the last several years!"

House Sitting Client

"Thank you so much for your assistance and support in managing our tenant and property."

Lease Management Client

"Quiero agradecerles toda su atención en la preparación de la casa para mi llegada. Fue más allá de mis expectativas."

House Sitting Client

"(...) and thank you for your kind support until here."

Lease Management Client

"A loja ficou espetacular! Está com uma nova luz"

Refurbishment and Decoration Project in Oeiras

"Quiero agradecer por el cuidado excepcional que brindaron a mi propiedad mientras estaba fuera. Fueran más allá de mis expectativas."

House Sitting Client

"(...) O meu cliente agradeceu por lhe ter indicado o vosso contacto. Diz que gostou muito!"

Partner Feedback

"Obrigada pela rápida disponibilidade para visitarem a minha casa."

Technical Inspection Client