Thinking about and taking care of your home is our priority

How many times have you heard people commenting about the long wait for a promised estimate for small repairs?


We live in a reality where the high demand for construction work takes up most of the professionals in the field, leaving little room to deal with other requests, especially when it comes to small repairs. This situation does not affect our Property Management clients, whether in House Sitting or in Rental Management. Within the scope of general home care, they benefit from privileged access to a network of competent and dedicated professionals, available to meet all requests related to the proper maintenance of your home.

Repairing a door handle, a toilet flush, a damp wall, changing light bulbs, fine-tuning a window, or other situations that need a quick solution to avoid further damage and embarrassment, is important to our client. Therefore, it is very important to us.

Our client does not have to wait for another need to accumulate work that justifies the professional’s displacement. We have professionals available for each situation and especially available to attend our loyal client.

Each maintenance, visit, or job is tailor-made for each homeowner, because all solutions are unique and individually thought out. There are no impossible requests! For us it is a pleasure to take care of our client’s home as if it were our own!