We handle finances and paperwork with the highest confidence

Today we are talking about Portugal, that “paradise by the sea” that so many people recognize as one of the prime destinations for vacations, to the point that they decide to buy a house in national territory to enjoy seasons throughout the year.

This is usually a bet on rest and not on trouble. But the truth is that the purchase and maintenance of a house requires due attention to some responsibilities. And we are not just referring to the structure and equipment of the property. Fiscal commitments are an active part of this process, and no one is prepared for that. It can even be daunting for someone who does not master the Portuguese language, culture, and especially the dynamics of the tax system.

The problem is that the owner is confronted with an expressive and complex bureaucratic system and consequently easily incurs fines for failing to meet deadlines, resulting in a loss of money due to inefficient management of resources.

But let’s talk about solutions. House Living is a partner with recognized confidence of its customers. Our experience is long and our dedication is high.

Our property management services include fiscal representation so that our clients can be sure that they are complying with Portuguese Law rigorously and without surprises.

From going to the tax office, notary and registry to filing documents and meeting deadlines, our representation team takes care of absolutely everything that is a hassle for our clients.

House Living stands out for the personalization of its offer. Even in the field of tax representation. We always start by scheduling a meeting with the client or his representative. And fortunately, our method has resulted in satisfaction on the part of our clients.