We take care of all the hassle in your home

Need to cancel or contract water, electricity, gas, communication, and security services? We take care of the complex part..


Spending vacation time waiting in lines and making phone calls to water, gas, electricity and alarm companies and waiting for the technician with scheduling periods that can go from 8 am to 7 pm is a thing of the past.

Up to the deed there are steps that no one can take for the buyer. But from the moment you become a homeowner you can count on House Living in many dimensions of managing your home. The good news is that the hiring of these essential services can be handled by a specialized team. Our client simply has to tell us if he wants to contract or cancel services. House Living handles the proposals, contracting, and activation.

Our customers are mostly homeowners who have just bought a new home but there are also customers who when they move house or want to change operators come back to us for support, either as residents or in rent management situations.

There is a set of services of exclusive access to House Sitting or Rental Management clients. This is not the case because anyone can benefit from this answer specifically designed to simplify and help you get your house ready to be lived in.